Farone: I like that you’re clairvoyant cause that makes you a medium. Or, a medium plus.


Janessa: What’s empathy?

Todd: You don’t have it.

Farone: Maybe if you can take Random Empathy…


(Janessa is choosing skills)

Janessa: I don’t know what’s good for me.

Eli: You’ll listen to me if you know what’s good for you!

Travis: She doesn’t.


Farone: One of the specialties under crafts is ‘jury-rigging’.

Todd: As a lawyer, I should have taken some points in that.


Farone: I can cast a silent fog.

Eli: Is that a fog we can’t hear?

Farone: As long as I don’t fail my roll.

Eli: What happens then?

Travis: We get John Carpenter’s Fog.


Dave: So you’re just going straight up to the river?

Travis: Yeah. Is that bad? Cause if it’s bad, let me know and we’ll do something else.


Farone: Can you use your ruin ability to make a bigger opening in the bramble?

Eli: No, because the bramble is multiple sticks and I can only ruin one thing.

Farone: No, it’s THE bramble.

Eli: Oh. I hadn’t thought of it that way.


(After Kurt dies and is brought back in a tent with his “people”)

Travis – From now on wear a bracelet that says “Take me to a hospital, you backwoods freaks.

Farone – Yeah, like they can read.


(The NPC explains the plan in great detail…)

NPC: So, what do you think?

Todd: Oh my God! Were you talking to me that whole time?


Todd: No, no, no, I got turned first, I turned him, he turned you, it’s your turn. Go. Turn him.


Eli: We need some kind of spirit animal that’s crazy…

Todd: Squirrel?

Eli, Travis: YES!


Dave: I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t prepared for squirrel…


Travis: Maybe he thinks Todd’s the lead wolf and he wants to challenge the leader.

Pack: Yeah!

Travis: Little does he know that we are, in fact, a disorganized mob!


Eli: He’s 33 cemeteries long…

Dave: Um…

Eli: I mean centimeters!


Keith: What if we get some badges.

Eli: What kind of badges?

Keith: You know, like, prison inspector…

Eli: That’s officially the dumbest idea we’ve had yet.

Farone: So, we’ll all turn into wolf form, and then you go up and tell the guard you’re here for the USO show, then we’ll walk along behind you on our back legs!

Todd: …

Keith: …

Travis: …

Eli: Prison inspector badges is now officially, the SECOND dumbest idea we’ve had.