Oak’s Nest

Eli: I have news!
Janessa: What? You’re gay? Good!
Janessa: Yay! I’m a whore.
Janessa: Don’t worry Dr. Plum, we’ll get some men and-
Farone: You haven’t gotten a man since we’ve known you.
Eli: I gave you a buttload of information!
Janessa: I know! Now tell me how to process it!
Janessa: Do NOT tell my character what to do! Wait…what should I do now?
Farone: You got Britney Speared!
Eli: A guy runs out to grab the guy that got shot.
Travis: Compassionate psychopaths. I wish I knew psychopaths like that.
Farone: You probably do.
Travis: I move to here and…
Farone: Throw a grenade?
Travis: That was my plan.
Eli: You have grenades?
Travis: Um, new plan.
Travis: Do I see any dogs?
Janessa: You see a hot fox. Me.
Travis: The whore already shot him in the head and he didn’t die.
Janessa: Whore? I’m gonna shoot you in the head!
Jannessa: I am definitely not the virgin!
Dave: There’s a murderer about, let’s split up.
Travis: We went over this last week: Those two went off to have premarital sex, so they get killed, I went to smoke by myself, so I get killed, you’re the competent gunman, so you survive, and Farone’s the black guy who gets killed second to last.
Dave: You’re black?
Farone: Apparently.
Todd: I have arcane resistance as an edge.
Janessa: I took…gambling.
Eli: Do you have any kind of psychic abilities?
Janessa: I’m hot. Does that help?
Jenssa: I’m torn! Should I go with them? Or stay with the reverend? …Virginia?
Toad: Help me Ghost Girl!
Janessa: Butt fusion does not happen in 2 days!
Farone: Get us some firewood.
Janessa: No! I’m not gettin nothing with the bodice and the hot!
Farone: Ok, take off the bodice.
Janessa: No. You haven’t PAID me.
Farone: Oh my God! Can houses do that?
Janessa: Snake eyes!
Farone: Nope. That’s an eleven.
Janessa: I’m a girl, I can jump on the back of anything.
Janessa: I had to pick the one anal dude in town…Damn, I’m frickin’ hot +4, give me some damn money!
Farone: You’re in jail. Just like us.
Dave: Well, there’s a difference between being in jail, and just being held.
Todd: Actually, being in jail is a boolean state, you either are or you’re not. At the moment, you are.
Dave: Yes, but aren’t you delusional.
Todd: Um, a little.
Farone: The good reverend has a point.
Dave: But how do I know he’s good? He could be the crazy reverend. I only have your word for it.
Farone: And I am in jail. Good point.
Dave: You’re either a whore-y thief or a thief-y whore.
Janessa: Hey!
Eli: Some guys are leering extra long at you. The guy with the patch ignores you.
Janessa: That’s the guy I’d go for, right there!
Farone: He’s checking out Travis.
Travis: We don’t need to set up a watch.
Farone: What if someone gets attacked in their sleep?
Travis: They’ll scream.
Farone: Ah. I hope it’s you.