Cleric Acolyte The Default. Hard to argue with. Cleric Charlatan I like the idea of a charlatan who is so good that he’s been sent visions for a Trickery Deity (Loki, Brandobaris, Garl Glittergood) and has become a full invested cleric of the faith. As a charlatan cleric you carry […]

Cleric Baker’s Dozen

Continuing our series of character ideas created by combining different backgrounds for each class. Last time we did the Barbarian, today, moving along alphabetically, we’re doing the Bard. As always, if you like these ideas feel free to steal them, if you hate these ideas tell me I’m an idiot […]

Bard Baker’s Dozen

I like to make characters. Coming up with character ideas, stat configurations, toying with different class/race/background combinations. As an exercise I’m taking the thirteen standard backgrounds and trying to come up with a character concept combining every class/background combination for ideas. Today I’m going to start, alphabetically, with the barbarian. […]

Barbarian Baker’s Dozen

Seeing as how neither of us updates this site enough I decided I’d jot down some thoughts on the six (yes, six!) horror movies I watched on Netflix over the weekend. I started my weekend with Last Shift (which come to think of it, I should have watched last). Not […]

Horror Weekend Extravaganza

      Travis: Welcome back to VagrantFox Presents all of you loyal readers. I know it has been some time but we were without Fox due to “Real Life” as he calls it. If you wish to judge his excuse for yourself check out Final Approach for the HTC […]

He Never Died

    Tremors 5 is a 2015 action comedy about two guys on safari in South Africa. It Stars Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, a host of “Oh yeah, that guy” in the African film market probably, and some surprisingly good creature CGI. T5 went unreviewed by critics on Rotten Tomatoes […]

Tremors 5: Bloodlines

  From the moment it was announced the new Fantastic Four movie has been plagued with criticism, everything from the decision to make the Storm siblings multi-racial to the idea that Dr. Doom was some kind of terroristic blogger. It finally limped into theaters this weekend and, well, all those […]

El Cuatro Fantastico (2015)

I figured that since this is now a real thing I should update this page. If you look below you’ll see what I wrote way back in, Good Lord, I don’t even know when that was. 2015? 14? At any rate, the Jumanji remake obviously didn’t happen in 2016, but […]

Things I don’t understand: Jumanji Remakes

    In a World …  is a comedy family drama about a woman who would like recognition from her father about how well she can read outloud. The Film was Written, Directed and Stars Lake Bell which is an illustrious trifecta. Time will tell if she is the next Woody […]

In A World …

      Grand Piano is a movie about a pianist, and not a piano, or at least, that’s what I thought. Though the movie does open with a group of movers moving said Piano out of a creepy, abandoned mansion. So maybe it’s the star after all. There is […]

Grand Piano