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      Travis: Welcome back to VagrantFox Presents all of you loyal readers. I know it has been some time but we were without Fox due to “Real Life” as he calls it. If you wish to judge his excuse for yourself check out Final Approach for the HTC […]

He Never Died

Severance   Travis: Welcome back to Vagrant Fox everybody. This week Todd and I watched Severance, a British horror/comedy that set out to discover whether Hungarian hillbillies are as terrifying as West Virginian hillbillies. Todd: Being from West Virginia I’m gonna say West Virginia Hillbillies are less scary, but that’s […]


Todd Welcome back to VagrantFox! I’m Todd, he’s Travis, and our movie is Dylan Dog: Dead of Night: Travis In this week’s movie Brandon Routh plays Dylan Dog, a small time private investigator who used to be supernatural… detective, peacekeeper, negotiator… it is not entirely clear. He described it as […]

Dylan Dog