Fox Films

Seeing as how neither of us updates this site enough I decided I’d jot down some thoughts on the six (yes, six!) horror movies I watched on Netflix over the weekend. I started my weekend with Last Shift (which come to think of it, I should have watched last). Not […]

Horror Weekend Extravaganza

  From the moment it was announced the new Fantastic Four movie has been plagued with criticism, everything from the decision to make the Storm siblings multi-racial to the idea that Dr. Doom was some kind of terroristic blogger. It finally limped into theaters this weekend and, well, all those […]

El Cuatro Fantastico (2015)

  If I’d watched this when it first hit theaters I might have correctly identified it as an early warning sign that we were about to go to war with the Russians again (See reviews for Equalizer and November Man for more on that), but I missed it and waited […]

Jack Ryan begins again. Again.

Continuing in the trend of the “We hate Russians Again” movie genre (see my earlier review of Equalizer), I went to see the November Man. It is not, as far as I could tell, the 11th movie in a series started by January Man, though it could be, I may […]

NO-vember Man

  We hate Russians again. I’m not sure when that happened but there it is. They’re becoming the go to bad guys for action movies and spy drama and it’s like the 80’s are back. Hell Robert Redford is doing spy movies again. But just this year we’ve had November […]