Druid Baker’s Dozen

Continuing with my series on idea sparks for Class/Background combos, today we look at the Druid, Nature’s champion, and all around smelly hippie. Enjoy.


Druid Acolyte

The Acolyte presumably has been studying under one of the Gods of Nature, but somehow skipped right past becoming a Nature based Cleric, and fell straight into the woods behind the temple where they were studying. You were most likely chosen by this God of Nature for better things. Like turning into a bear and devouring your Temple’s enemies.

Druid Charlatan

How easy is it to sell Snake oil if you can turn into a snake and produce your own oil? I’m guessing pretty easy. Or convince a crowd of people you can talk to animals if you can…actually talk to animals. You probably started out doing your charlatan routine unaware and then slowly became aware that you could actually do these things. Like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, faking talking to dead people then actually having a ghost show up.


Druid Criminal

Cat burglar? I am a cat. Turn into a cat, burgle something, un-cat yourself. Boom. Druids make the best cat burglars.

Tabaxi Rogue feels this article is biased.

Druid Entertainer

So many ways to go here, but I think wrestling animals is the best. Since you can talk to the alligator before the match you can convince it not to eat you, perhaps even to let you win, based on the fact that after the match you’re going to give it a nice, juicy steak. People will watch you wrestle alligators for hours on end.


Druid Folk Hero

Of course the Druid is a folk hero. Remember that time an escaped Lion wandered into the village and someone had to get rid of it, and then that kid just went and talked to it for a little while and it left on its own? That kid grew up to be a druid.


Druid Guild Artisan

Since you can warp wood I’m guessing woodworking is the best profession for a druid. A shop that sells really hard to carve wooden statues, canes, shields, etc. Only you don’t have to carve them, just use your druid magic to convince plants to grow into whatever shapes you want them.


Druid Hermit

This is probably the default, though I’m too lazy to bother to look it up. But Hermits spend all their time I the wilderness surrounded by animals and living away from society. And druids…well, you probably don’t need a lot of help with this background/class combo.

Druid Noble

Rich kid goes rogue, leaves all his money behind, goes to live in the wild and connect with the “real” world. That’s you. People still know who you are, but you’re kind of shunned in noble society. You’re that loon that embarrassed his parents and disappeared into the woods. What do you mean you learned magic while you were out there? Did you just turn into a bird? How much wine have I had?


Druid Outlander

Off the top of my head, what happens if you, the Outlander, come from a society that’s just all Druids all the time? Everyone sees your connection to nature, the spells you cast, the connection you have to the animal kingdom as this powerful magic, and to you it’s just, “Wait, you can’t all talk to squirrels?” It emphasizes the “outlander” aspect of the background, plus gives you a sort of hook of learning how people exist without being able to make ferns grow with their minds and asking cats their advice on your love life.


Druid Sage

You started out stuffed up in a room full of books with one high window that let in just enough sunlight to annoy you in the late afternoon when it was in your eyes and you couldn’t read, but after your fifth book on the majesty and splendor of the outdoors you decided to check it out for yourself, and now you can’t leave because the plants and animals are so interesting! And you’re becoming a bigger part of nature yourself…

Druid Sailor

Here’s your chance to play Aquaman! You can talk to the fishes. Like, seriously. Can you imagine a better  class on a boat? The guy that can control the weather and ask sharks directions to the nearest land mass? Druids should rule the seas! Cast water breathing, water walk, speak with animals (fish should count, if not, find a whale or a dolphin) and skip merrily through life like you’ve got cheat codes.

Druid Soldier

You’re the guy who trained animals to fight in the army. Maybe you were in charge of the cavalry’s horses. Maybe you trained bears to rush enemy encampments. But now you’re back in “civilization” and the things you’ve learned can be applied to a life of fighting something other than enemy soldiers.

Civilization is just another tribe of beasts hiding in their dens, fearing what the forests hold.

Druid Urchin

This seems like a super obvious solution to me, if you’re an urchin. Just leave town (where everyone kicks you, spits on you, and treats you like you don’t exist) and go hang out with the animals. Animals have long been known to be nicer than people. It’s a universal truth.

We are also in a barbershop quartet


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