Eric Roberts is busy

I have to hat tip Kevin Lincoln’s article about Christopher Nolan on Grantland for pointing this out to me, but look at Eric Robert’s IMDB page. LOOK AT IT.

I’m screenshotting this and pointing out, for the record, that it’s November 11th, 2014.




That took 3 images!

As of this moment in time Mr. Roberts has, by my count:

  • 3 movies marked as “announced” (Presumably that means someone said, “we’re making this movie and Eric’s in it”)
  • 12 movies marked as “pre-production” (Presumably that means some money has changed hands, someone bought some lights, rented some camera equipment and told Eric Roberts, “You’re in this movie.”)
  • 5 movies marked as “filming” (Presumably he’s wandering around from set to set with a camera on him at all times? Seriously, how is this even logistically possible?)
  • 32 movies marked as “post-production” (That means it’s done. The movie has finished filming. Someone somewhere is cutting a trailer together. Eric is already in that movie.)
  • 11 movies marked as “completed” (We’re just waiting for it to hit the theaters/DVD/Cable channel of your choice.)

I don’t even know what to say about this. The man’s not human. I just thought everyone should know.

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