I’m Now a Batfleck Skeptic

I saw Gone Girl and while I have some issues with the story that I will touch on  later I was a fan of every performance save one with notable mention for Rosamund Pike and Tyler Perry. As an aside I showed Kim one of his Madea film on TV which is possible because statistically, one is showing on some channel at any point during the day, to which she replied “Oh.. That Guy! How?”

My save one is for Ben Affleck. In no scene was I ever with his character. I could be off base. It is entirely possible that I was never meant to connect with our protagonist. His character was cowardly, actively unlikable, and his arc provided us with no sense of completion to this story.

The character I identified with was his sister Margo who was the constant voice for the audience summed up in “I know I’m supposed to love you but you are really trying to make me hate you.”

But he’s playing Batman. Batman is the Killjoy of the Justice League. He’s likable because he tries to be unlikable in addition to being the ultimate bad-ass. This makes him cool… like The Fonz.

And right now… I’m not feeling that from Batfleck.

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