xcom chimera squad cover art
XCOM: Chimera Squad was a surprise release and more surprisingly, immediately went on sale for $10 over on steam (until May 1, 2020). I’m not here to judge business models, just to talk about games. This is not a traditional installment in the XCOM franchise in that there are significant […]

XCOM: Chimera Squad

Two Time Travel blogs in a row from me, sorry. So I was watching a review of Terminator Dark Fate and they were making a point of how Dark Fate is a direct continuation of Terminator 2 which implicitly negates 3, Salvation, and Genysis. And this made me noodle a […]

Terminator: And Time Travel

I decided to jump out of order here and do Warlock because I realized if I kept going in alphabetical order I’d just end up with Sorc/Warlock/Wizard as the last 3 and they’re all basically just flavors of magic-user, so that would get tedious. BTW, I totally want to bring […]

Warlock Baker’s Dozen

Well, we’re up to the Fighter now. To be perfectly honest, I never thought I’d get this far. As always, these are just ideas to spark your imagination, so if you hate them, keep it to yourself. Or don’t. What do I care? I’m just a webpage. Wanna fight about […]

Fighter Baker’s Dozen

If you want to have nice, argumentative discussion with a bunch of D&D players that will inevitably turn dark and make everybody in the room angry, just find a group of players and ask them (as a group) how you should play your chaotic neutral character. Then sit back and […]

Alignments are Terrible

Continuing with my series on idea sparks for Class/Background combos, today we look at the Druid, Nature’s champion, and all around smelly hippie. Enjoy.   Druid Acolyte The Acolyte presumably has been studying under one of the Gods of Nature, but somehow skipped right past becoming a Nature based Cleric, […]

Druid Baker’s Dozen

My dearest Felinia, We have made our way to this Finger of Fire tower that this woman Azaka wants us to climb. She believes that her wooden mask of magic is hidden within the tower somewhere, or perhaps someone in the tower has taken control of it. It is hard […]

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